• Each tenant is responsible for supplying our office with a written thirty day calendar notice to vacate, on or before the last day of the month prior to the month you are vacating. This notice must be effective for the termination of your lease agreement and you are still responsible for all terms and conditions of your lease agreement
  • Our office must be notified at least 3 days before all utilities are scheduled to be disconnected. You are required to maintain utilities until the end of your notice. If we have not received written notification as stated above and utilities are disconnected, a $50.00 fee will be charged to have utilities restored. Please turn all breakers (including the main breaker) in the panel box to the off position, and have allfaucets turned off (including the shut off valves under the sink and toilets: and all outside spigots).
  • Last but not lease click on this link for full property move out details.